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How to make a E-wallet deposit using PEPYALA

Welcome to the gang! Congratulations on being one of MachiBet members!

On the Deposit page, select your Payment Method “E-WALLET(GATEWAY)". Then choose PEPYALA.

PEPYALA (minimum deposit start from 200 taka)

Select your preferred BANK and under the “ Deposit Amount”, key the preferred deposit amount ranges between:

PEPYALA 200 taka to 30,000 taka. Please ensure that the amount input is divisible by 10.
Example: 280 / 1,550 / 25,000. Note that deposits amount such as 299 / 1999 are restricted.

Scroll down to tap on “Submit”.

If you are using PEPYALA payment, complete the steps below within 5 minutes:

Once you've submitted your deposit amount using "PEPYALA payment", you shall land on the “PEPYALA” deposit page. Double check if your selected bank is correct.

Perform cash out with your e-wallet account to our given agent account.

In the deposit page, enter Transaction ID

Upload your Deposit Slip

Confirm Payment.

Your deposit will be verified and credits will be added to your Machibet account.

Please take note that our deposit system is performed in two different steps without submitting the deposit request, your account won’t be adjusted with the deposit balance even though your cash out was successful.
Step 1: Cash out into the payment gateway agent account.
Step 2: Submit a deposit request on Machibet after successful cash-out.

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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