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Why did my withdrawal fail?

It's rare that a withdrawal would fail. But if it does, the funds are usually automatically returned to your account balance for you to withdraw again.

Your withdrawal may have failed for one of the following reasons:

Your withdrawal details have been entered incorrectly . Should this happen, our system will recognize the error and the withdrawal will fail. You’ll then be able to enter the correct details and try again. Please note that on some occasions withdrawal requests made with incorrect details can show as ‘Success’.

There is an ID request. We may ask for documentation to verify your withdrawal details, resulting in the withdrawal being held. If we don’t receive the requested ID, the transaction may eventually fail and the funds will be returned to your account balance. At this point, you can withdraw via the correct details provided there’s nothing else preventing you from doing so.

There is more than one account registered under the same IP address. According to MachiBet terms and conditions, one IP address is only allowed to register one account.

Detect multiple accounts with the same authentic identities. Maintaining more than one personal account is against the MachiBet terms and conditions.

For further assistance or if you have a withdrawal notification regarding “Pending to verify, please contact our Customer Support Officer.

Updated on: 01/03/2023

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