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How to clear temporary internet files and cookies on an Android device

Want to clear your existing cookies that keep track of your browsing patterns?

We got your back, just follow the simple steps as below and you are good to go.

For Google Chrome (Mobile site):
Open your internet browser

Tap on the kebab button ( three-dots icon) at the top right corner of your browser

Search and tap “History” from the list

Tap “Clear browsing data”

Choose “Basic/Advanced” and then select the time frame for which you would like to delete your cookies. If you want to delete all cookies, select “All time”


Ticked “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files”

Double-check your selections to make sure that other items you want to keep are not selected, and then hit “Clear data” to apply your settings



Rest assured that this will clear the temporary internet files and cookies that build up during normal browsing activity. It will not affect any other files saved on your device or delete any apps you have.

If your device appears to differ from the steps described above, please refer to the web page’s instruction manual for further advice.

Updated on: 28/02/2023

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